In China's economically developed Yangtze river delta region, the south of the lower reaches of the yangze river liyang city is a nationally known tool export enterprises - LIYANG JIUZHOU IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD. Our factory is located in the east of China, the factory is 220 km from Shanghai, Shanghai pudong international airport 180 kilometers, the nanjing international airport 70 kilometers, traffic convenient, is extremely convenient.

    On August 1, our factory was built in 1995 and formally put into production, for the joint-stock enterprises. Since beginning the main variety of sugarcane knife, saw sickle. After years of efforts, has the original half mechanization production, continuous improvement and innovation, has now reached all advanced mechanized production ability. Processing of the main processes: stamping molding (rolling), heat treatment, polishing, calamity, assembly packaging, shipment, each process meticulously, unified product, specification. Existing technical personnel more than 20 people, production staff more than 300 directly, the annual output reached 5 million.

    Jiuzhou people know that quality is the enterprise of life, with "your quality, constant in service, held management, sharp in the original" business philosophy, product innovation, the production scale expands unceasingly, has formed a complete set of automatic production system.

    Jiuzhou's societe generale, understand: to run high, been, xiangyun companion ZiQi, see the mountains small!

    Jiuzhou people hero, with lofty sentiments of heaven and earth, go the way of the world, the pursuit of excellence! "

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